Value of Time: Time Management

Why do I care about my time and your time? Why do I care about the most valuable, precious, and perishable resource we have. You cant save it for later, wrap it up in saran wrap and put it in the freezer. You cant build up a bank account full of minutes. There isn’t a way to get more from the mall. It’s important to care about time management.

Most of us don’t even know what we do with our time… at the end of the day, or the month, or shit… at the end of a lifeTIME we ask “Where did the time go?”

This fleeting second. This moment. …… right there, that one you spent looking at a line of periods, it is lost. It’s gone. Spent. You’ll NEVER get it back.

I got obsessed with time years ago. I was working in the intelligence community and a mentor summed up our mission simply:

we must act in time to affect the outcome of an event.

He described the entire usefulness of the team. I mean teams. Teams of operators, teams to support them, and ancillary teams in support of the support teams. I mean millions of dollars in people, systems, infrastructure, training, preparation, after action debriefings… all to just gain time. Sometimes just seconds. Because. It mattered that effing much. It was an excellent investment…. and for time.

That same sage also once asked me “what do we do tomorrow, if something we have done today didn’t work?”

Oh, and here I thought I had his lesson figured out… and answered “Something different.”

“No, we do the same thing.”

We talked about how the ability to be agile is lost to procedure, bureaucracy, and hierarchy. But the delicate balance of systems and agility was how we win the day.

More obsessed.

Time. It was time. Time spent doing a failing venture again. Giving people the freedom and empowerment to not waste time.

How completely obvious.

So, if the US government is throwing its official weight and millions of dollars a year in investment to gain mere moments (because it matters that damn much) what is an hour worth, a year?

What would it mean to you? More time to complete the project never finished? To have the conversation never started?

What if you could in just one more productive hour into your life every single day? The math is simple. 365 hours is more than 15 days in a year, and more than a thousand days, or an extra 35 months over a lifetime. Wait.wut.

What if you could add in 2 more productive hours in a day… holy shit..3. What if!?!

So, my obsession with time isn’t just because um mostly a control freak, but also because of its insane value.

Because if we just apply this what would you accomplish?

What if you applied it when you could still affect the outcome of your day, year, lifeTIME.