On being an Introvert: Social Energy

There are a lot of factors they play into your success for the week. We have talked about choosing the right time of the day to schedule tasks based on what mental energy you need to complete them. This is similar. I’m talking about planning around your social energy.
First be aware of how much energy you need for each task. No matter if you are a social butterfly or a quiet introvert you need to be aware of the effect of this on you and your productivity for the week.

It’s no secret: I’m an introvert. Someone, please give me a cabin in the woods, and I could hang out there for a month before I thought “I need to see other people.” (As long as my dog was there) So, when I have a very social week, there are always ramifications. It can be really exhausting for me, at worse it can really set any productivity back because I need to recharge when I have working planned.

Okay, Introverts – I’m talking to you! When you prep for the week you HAVE GOT to consider two really important things.

  1. How much social energy this is going to require of you?
  2. How much time it is going to take for you recharge from it.

This can help you figure out where to schedule a task in the day or week.

For instance: You have to give a presentation to your workgroup, then attend a mixer afterward. You know you are going to have to gear up for the presentation and be totally drained after the mixer.

Probably…. don’t plan a dinner with your in-laws that evening, yeah?
Better Idea: Instead, block that evening off for some solo catch-up or “me time.”

Next time you are scheduling a social task, think about what you have around it and decide if you are giving yourself the best set-up for you.

By – Megan Johnson