Getting Over Overwhelm

Do you need a master class in saying “No”? Are you just barely keeping your ish together? Yeah sometimes us too. So, first of all. You are not alone. Adulting is not easy.

Let us all take just one moment to smack our teenage selves who said: “I can’t wait to grow up!”

As a life coach, Megan hears “I’m just overwhelmed.” often.
Because she works with humans!

Let us say that again.

Overwhelm is a completely normal part oflife.

How you react is the important part
of your productivity and wellness!

Take a pause!

Yeah, you need just to give yourself a moment! Stop, breathe, recognize that you are overwhelmed. Accepting that you are in this position is really important. We know you want to deny that you are overleveraged, overcommitted, and overwhelmed. Doing this is dumb. Don’t be dumb. Essentially, this is like standing waist deep in water and asking someone to turn on the faucet. Instead, take a moment a recognize and accept where you are, this will prepare you to take the action you need.

Beast Mode.

What are the critical things that you must handle in the next 12 – 24 hours. Those take priority, excuse yourself from other commitments, and focus on the critical items. Get them accomplished to take that stress off your plate, get some quick wins by checking them off your list… we know you have a list… right? Well, you’re about to 🙂

List and Prioritize.

Take some time to sit down to list out your commitments. Jobs, Social, Volunteer, Committees, activities, Prioritize them by their deadline, importance, cost.. whatever makes sense in your situation.


This is two part: 1 – Reality Check 2
– Adjust Expectations.

First part, bring in your circle of people who are on your team and talk this through with them. Get their feedback, and ask for help where you need.

Secondly, Take time to communicate your timelines and prioritization with the people that need to know. Don’t duck and dive away from responsibilities and commitments, just set a new
expectation. This will take the pressure off. They will appreciate the communication, and you will be relieved by the space it gives you.

Get on with it!

Learn from this exercise and get on with the DOING. Move ahead with your plan, and stay ahead of the overwhelm.

Remember to preserve your learnings from this!

Journal Prompts:

What were some caution signs that you didn’t
pay attention to before you were overwhelmed?

How did you set yourself up to get into this