Becoming Aware

I’m talking to all of us who have survived things like a panic attack, a breakup, the loss of a job. At one point we can look back and see all the warnings we ignored.

Why Awareness Matters

If I don’t know about a problem, how can I fix it? Well, I can’t. Neither can you. This first step is awareness. We can’t do anything about things we don’t know about. Simple enough right?

Well, we are all so busy with the everyday doing of life that we often don’t even realize when things are starting to go in the wrong direction. Suddenly (read: not suddenly) we have put on 20 lbs., are in the middle of a panic attack, or maybe even damaged important relationships.

Yes, you can often do some fixing… You can get back in the gym, learn a new stress management technique, and try to repair relationships. But, sometimes, you can’t. Sometimes the damage is done. So, what if you were aware enough to intercede before you are in this circumstance?

This lovelies, is why awareness is the first step. You must be mindful of differences in your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness.

Becoming Aware –

This is not easy. We are all busy and have all sorts of things competing for our attention.

Us your tools! This is exactly why we talk about routines, and tracking things in your planner, why we intentionally made space for them! To give the the space to look at your wellness in black and white (or purple whatever you want) on the page of your planner every day!

Another way to help become aware is to set a reminder for yourself twice a day to check in with yourself.

Bring your awareness to your body and do a quick body scan.
Your physical wellbeing: “How does my body feel right now? “Am I hungry or thirsty?”.
Your mental and emotional wellbeing: “Am I happy right now?” “Am I worrying about something needlessly?” “Do I need to reach out to anyone?” “Do I need help?”.

That’s all – you are just gaining awareness two times a day and noting how you feel. Is that so hard? No, it isn’t, it is just the first step to change.