The idea came about because…

We share a love for all things productivity. Soon after we met (like legit three days later), we talked endlessly about what worked and didn’t work with the dozens of products and planners we’ve used in the past.

We realized we were spending too much time creating lists and making beautiful layouts — which meant we were falling fast behind on our dreams!

Because we’re doers at heart, we put our crazy heads together to create the paper products we needed to move forward and grow into the women we’re meant to be (there’s only so many lists you can create before you need to TO DO).

Handwritten products fuse private life coaching with focused functionality. Whether you’re a planner addict or just need to keep track of everything in one place, you can capture your day, look ahead to what’s coming ‘round the corner, and get in the mindset to succeed at what you love to do.


Our products are beautiful. So, your handwriting doesn’t have to be.

Meet Meghan

Do-er of All Things Design

Wanderluster – Developer-diva – Dog Mom. I’m a wholehearted believer that beautiful design creates a better experience for everyone.

My background is in Graphic Communication Design. So, yeah, I speak gifs. I own a collaborative graphic design agency in Denver, Co. Whether I’m designing websites for small businesses or marketing collateral for big-name airlines, I get paid to make things look beautiful, surprising, and fun to use.

I live somewhere between productivity avenue and unstoppable street. Every day, I rise, shine, and take on the world. Now, I’m excited to help you list all the things and do them too!

Meet Megan

Do-er of All Things Content

One part badassery – One part puddle of goo – Husband has a great beard. I believe in the human (and dog) potential. Anything is possible when you have the right tools, resources, and 10 count pack of multi-colored pens.

People often say I’m a force to be reckoned with…I’ve got over a decade of high-level training and organizational development experience in the military, government service, and private enterprise. As a certified Integrative Life Coach, I help people be fearlessly authentic, achieve colossal goals, and take no shit.

Born and raised in Colorado, I fully believe I’m living my dream. I don’t wait for a sudden spurt of energy — I seize all the days. I can’t wait to help you banish the frick and frazzle of your daily life!