boost your productivity, curb time-wasters, and

live a beautifully organized life.

What is Handwritten?

we’re about putting all the things in one place
from your post-it notes and checklists
to your brain dumps and appointments
to your goals, dreams, and manifestations
customized with only what you need
easy to carry wherever the day takes you
a simply designed planner so you can
curb time wasters
boost productivity
and live a beautifully organized life
are you ready, do-er?

You’re not just buying, a planner, you’re buying…

Ongoing Support:

With the purchase of your 2019 planner you get access to our exclusive group where we will talk though your monthly coaching content. This community of doers and done-did-it’s will be a place for you to find support, inspiration, a sounding board, and exclusive stuff from us!

A Great Planner:

Keep everything you need in a planner that’s simply designed, customized with only what you need, and light enough to carry wherever you go. Where you can plan your days, so you can create a life well written.


Because we are DOERS, you will get tools and resources that you can use to really create the life well lived.

The Handwritten planner is one of the best planners I have used…The days are totally customizable, which I love, because I like to use a mixture of lists/check boxes and hours of the day. So I can use part of the day for a list and include only my working hours for the rest. There is plenty of room for me to practice my calligraphy and add some creativity…Personal development and organization?! My two loves ❤ Thank you for creating such an amazing company!

Sarah K, Denver

“The Handwritten planner is the only one in the history of planners I have stuck with. I love the flexibility of it. Some days I use it by hour and others I use it as a check-list! The option to make it whatever I need it to be that day is exactly what I need! I use the blank pages in the back for notes and then I always have them with me! It is fantastic and really cute to boot! I would recommend it to my best friend, all my friends really and my clients! Everyone needs a planner to write down thoughts!”

Meghann F, Denver

“Using this planner has helped me feel like a less stressed, more organized mom. The flexible layout makes it super easy to keep my to do list planned out and updated throughout the week, whilst still giving me space to keep track of appointments.

I would absolutely recommend this to my best friend as a simple but effective way to keep track of what’s going on in her life. “

Marnie U, Anchorage

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